Tushar Shahi and Khushi Parmar Triumph in the sub-contests at Mr. and Miss Uttarakhand 2023 by winning the titles of Mr. Physique and Miss Body Beautiful

With winning the titles of Mr. Physique and Miss Body Beautiful, Tushar Shahi and Khushi Parmar have once again proved their immense talent and potential

We cannot get over the charm that we got to see in the recently held Mr and Miss Uttarakhand 2023 contest.The Mr and Miss Uttarakhand contest has always been a platform for young and talented individuals to showcase their skills and compete against the best in the state. This year’s edition was no different, with participants from across the state showcasing their talent and impressing the judges with their skills. We also had several sub-contests organized. One of the contests was organized by Sportsfit by MS Dhoni and Tushar Shahi and Khushi Parmar emerged as winners of the Mr. Physique and Miss Body Beautiful titles, respectively. This contest was organized to test the participants’ strength, agility, grace, and overall physical fitness.

Tushar Shahi, a young model and fitness enthusiast, won the Mr. Physique title after an intense competition while Khushi Parmar, a stunning beauty, won the Miss Body Beautiful title. The contest tested the participants’ overall beauty, grace, and physical fitness. Apart from this, several other sub-contests were organized, including the Best Ramp Walk, Mr. and Miss Talent, and Mr. and Miss Photogenic. The event was a grand success, with a massive turnout of spectators and participants. The winners of the various sub-contests were felicitated by prominent personalities.

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