Adipurush teaser review: The Prabhas starrer movie has the worst VFX we have ever seen

The first teaser of Om Raut’s “Adipurush” is out and it did not at all match anyone’s expectations. The film is based on the Hindu mythological text of Ramayana and has a great cast including Prabhas as Lord Ram, Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh and Kriti Sanon as Sita but when it comes to VFX and mythological accuracy, things are not looking good. The Adipurush teaser already gave us an idea of how much we can expect from the actual movie and to be honest it’s not much.


In the teaser we see Lord Ram underwater in deep meditation as he is about to be attacked by demons from all directions. Then he aims his arrow and takes a few down and then we get the first glimpse at Saif Ali Khan’s Lankesh with ice-blue eyes and a really quirky hairstyle (seriously?), praying on an ice mountain. Then we get to see him showing off his 10 heads to a woman sitting at his feet. Lankesh here rides a demon dragon or bat creature (or whatever) into battle where Lord Ram is joined by his own army that includes Laxman and Hanuman and the vanar sena on the other side. There is also a short glimpse of Kriti Sanon’s Sita as she swings on a meadow while smiling at Ram. And after that we get to see some scenes of battle between the demons and the vaanar sena. One thing was common throughout the teaser, it all looked bad (really bad).The CGI kinda reminds me of little Krishna that we used to watch as kids.

Saif Ali Khan

When the movie was first announced, it was highly anticipated by the fans because of the director-actor duo along with the timeless concept of Ramayana. But the teaser has drastically affected the buzz and anticipation for it. It is now being mocked on social media for its mythological inaccuracy and really bad VFX. One of the things that is being pointed out on social media about the movie includes the hairstyle that Saif Ali Khan has in the movie which draws no parallel with the timeline of the character and looks kinda funny on him. Further, the choice of Saif Ali Khan for this role is also under criticism.


And when it comes to VFX, it looks really patchy, cheap and lazy. It has failed to establish that heart connection and excitement for the movie’s concept among the audience. The audience has put all his hopes in the actors that the movie has. But not many of us think that this movie will live up to our expectations. 

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