Rick and Morty season 6: A lookback on the most ricktastic plots ever.

Rick and Morty Season 6

The latest season of Rick and Morty did not lack any classic elements and got us some really good plots, let’s have a lookback on season 6

Another great season of unconventional interdimensional travels and chaotic adventures of Rick and Morty and literally we cannot ask for anything better. The show’s unique blend of science fiction, dark humor, and metafiction keeps audiences on the edge of their seats and that’s what we asked for.. The sixth season continues this trend, offering even more mind-bending adventures and thought-provoking commentary on the human condition. Concepts are great and storytelling is unmatched and with that being said, let’s have a quick lookback on what we liked about the latest season. Let’s dive deep into what each episode has presented us and how it all stood up to our expectations. 


The first episode of the season takes us back to the shattered citadel and we see Rick and Morty stuck somewhere as they are unable to use portal travel and running out of food and water. They were about to be dead but then were saved by space Beth. This showed how the Evil Morty defeated Rick alone and the universal status quo of being the most intelligent being is about to be changed. When he came back home, he tried to fix the portal travel but he made some errors which means that every variant that has traveled in the universe will get back to their original reality. Morty goes back to the Cronenberg’s earth and confronts his sins of the past. He realizes that it’s just his fault that Summer and Beth are dead in this dimension and just jumping through realities won’t be enough for him to forget all of it. Similarly for Rick, he goes back to the dimension where his family died and it was due to his own failure.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 1
Rick And Morty Episode – 1
“Rick: A Mort Well Lived”

Rick: A Mort Well Lived” is quintessential as it does the standard Rick and Morty thing of taking a sci-fi concept and then devoting an entire episode to expanding and exploring upon. A lot of clever things have been done with the plot and concept. In the episode, Morty’s consciousness splits into a number of pieces inside an arcade game. Rick/Roy in the game has to convince every bit of Morty’s consciousness to come together to bring back his original grandson. But their inclination, upon hearing his message that they are all part of the same grandson, sounded like a form of religion for them. The episode also explores the love of Rick for his grandson as he works hard to bring his consciousness back. Not only that he also respects the individual choice of one Morty to forever remain in the game.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 2
Rick And Morty Episode – 2
Bethic Twinstinct

The show always tries to come up with something out of the box and Bethic Twistinct was something like that as the episode explores a sitcom conflict between Space Beth and Beth Classic and it’s a refreshing episode amidst all the big crazy, violent sci-fi adventures. This is an episode that focused on Beth’s character and made her more interesting. Beth has sex with her own space self and kinda feels like an incest. It could be an attempt to show radical self-love that transcends narcissism, ultimately evolving to a place of sexual exploration and liberation on a deeper level.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 3
Rick And Morty Episode – 3
Night Family

Wacky alien technology has driven a lot of episodes of Rick and Morty and the night family episode was one of them. It was again a reminder that the Smiths are their own worst enemies. Rick has acquired a machine that programs your body to do chores while you sleep. The whole Smith family falls in love with the technology and are making their sleeping bodies to do the tasks that they find annoying. It was going well for everyone until the night family requests the day family to rinse the dishes after they are done eating which will make things easier for the night family, but the egoistic persona that Rick has was infuriated by the request and refuses to do as the night family asks as he believed them to be inferior. The night family raised a rebellion and kinda wins in the end. The whole episode is a pretty good metaphor of what happens to our future selves when we procrastinate and ignore our responsibilities.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 4
Rick And Morty Episode – 4
Final DeSmithation 

The “Final DeSmithation,” runs on the incest joke throughout the episode without being cringe. 

The Smith family’s Panda Express trip turns into a sour experience after Jerry opens a fortune cookie and gets a fortune no of a generic platitude. He was destined to have intercourse with his mother and what seemed like usual paranoid behavior was much more than just unnecessary stress.  Later, we get to see Rick going on an adventure with Jerry to know the reason behind this chaos and they found that a company named Fortune 500 is controlling the fates with fortune cookies. This episode is designed to make you feel uncomfortable rather than entertained because it’s a bold story with good action. This episode also explores the relationship of Jerry with Rick.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 5
Rick And Morty Episode – 5
Juricksic Mort

Episode 6 of the new season “Juricksic Mort” came up with another wacky concept that the show is known for. In the episode, the earth is visited by dinosaurs who are hyper-developed space explorers working towards spreading peace and prosperity throughout the galaxy. On their visit, they find themselves shocked by the state of earth as it has changed from being an Utopia to a planet of chaos. Thus, they decided to take over the responsibility of making it better and so they did. In a short span of time, dinosaurs abolished work, solved hunger crises, and every other significant earth problem. While humans were  free to enjoy their free time, it must be a paradise for them. Well that wasn’t the case here. The episode shows us how we like chaos and when there is nothing to worry about we sink in feelings of emptiness. Tired of doing nothing, the President of the US asks Rick to deal with the dinosaurs. But when Rick confronts the Dinosaurs, they take only a few minutes to prove their intellectual superiority. Later in the episode, Rick proves how seeking or achieving the balance is deadly by exposing how every other dinosaur planet was destroyed as the universe is seeking to devolve the perfectly balanced societies by encountering them with meteors. Dinosaurs left the planet to save the earth and people on earth were back in the regressive old state with war, famine, pollution, and the destruction but they were happy and satisfied as it distracts them from the emptiness and futile existence.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 6
Rick And Morty Episode – 6
Full Meta Jackrick

The 7th episode starts with giving the fans a quick rundown of past events but the twist here is that the writers decided to go extremely Meta with this episode. We have seen Rick break the fourth wall a number of times but this episode has taken it to the extreme. The real villain of the episode was Story-Lord who is nothing more than a mediocre creation of an uninspired writer being sick of his futile existence. This character is ready to go and do extremes to become cooler and something more than what he already is. In the episode, he gets a massive plot armor, which makes up for his bad character writing. It was the show’s attempt to highlight how many big movies desperately try to rescue their lazy narratives and lack of creativity with gimmicks, heavy marketing, visuals and fancy tech. But in the end, they show us how creativity isn’t something that can be forced to exist. After a point, gimmicks, marketing or fancy visuals can’t make up for bad stories and lazy writing. 

Rick And Morty Episode  - 7
Rick And Morty Episode – 7
Analyze Piss

Episode 8 of the season has to be my personal favorite as we get to see so much in a single episode. In the episode Rick grows tired of fighting villains and decides to ignore them which ultimately creates a blank space which is later filled by Jerry after he accidently went viral for a heroic act of beating a villain named Piss master who comits suicide later in episode out of shame. This was a rare Rick centric episode which was not talking about nihilism. Instead more about the empathetic side of Rick. We saw how he dealt with confrontation, we got to see the side effects of social media and how there is a fine line between being a hero and villain but above all, it carried out the classic theme of “meaning of life”.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 8
Rick And Morty Episode – 8
A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort”

Rick and Morty dealing with a stupid situation is the classic Rick and Morty adventure and this episode is just about that. Morty accidently becomes a part of the cult which follows weird rituals. In short this episode was focused on how our sci-fi guys collided with the fantasy guys. They found themselves in a stupid situation with their knowledge of science, proving someone else’s faith wrong but they didn’t realize at first that the weird faith and rituals were responsible for keeping the whole solar system together. The lesson here is, you are not always right even if you are right. 

Rick And Morty Episode  - 9
Rick And Morty Episode – 9

“Rictional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation”

The finale of the season answered important questions like “What happens if you drop a lightsaber vertically on the ground?” From nearing the end of the earth to having the White House in Space, a lot can happen. We see how the nicer side of Rick here was a deception, Rick used to keep Morty happy. From having a star wars showdown to fighting a president for a lightsaber, this was a fun way to end the season. We also see Rick has been searching for his nemesis all this time which ultimately built the suspense for the upcoming season.

Rick And Morty Episode  - 10
Rick And Morty Episode – 10

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