‘My Hero Academia’ Arrives on Cartoon Network making its debut on Indian television screens

Countdown to Heroic journeys: Cartoon Network’s teaser unveils ‘My Hero Academia’ anime with thrilling excitement, uplifts Manga culture in India. 

My Hero Academia did not take long to create a global fanbase with its unique characters, plots and arcs. And Cartoon network has an exciting announcement to make as they are bringing the popular anime show to Indian Televisions. Get ready to dive into the world of superheroes, because Cartoon Network is bringing an electrifying teaser for ‘My Hero Academia’! But that’s not all, because this sneak peek is just the tip of the iceberg. Get set for a whirlwind of action and excitement as this epic anime makes its debut on Indian television, exclusively on Cartoon Network! 

The anime follows the journey of a young boy’s coming of age journey to becoming a superhero. This superlative anime adaptation with its captivating action, engaging stories, and intriguing characters engaged audiences around the world and is now ready to welcome Indian fans into its world of superheroes and academia. Whether you’re a devoted fan or just discovering the show, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey of courage, friendship, and thrilling action as ‘My Hero Academia’ becomes a part of the Cartoon Network lineup in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam! Stay tuned to Cartoon Network for the complete hero experience, as this anime takes flight. 

Watch the Trailer:

My Hero Academia: Trailer

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