Aria of X:IN officially becomes the second Indian to become a K-pop idol after Sriya Lenka

K-Pop Takes India by Storm as we see another young talent from India joining the wave. Scroll down to know more about Aria of X:IN.

Over the past few years, K-pop has taken the world by storm, and India is no exception. The Korean pop culture wave has been sweeping the nation, and it has given birth to a new generation of K-pop enthusiasts who are passionate about the genre. And someone who is into it won’t be unaware of the fact that the Korean entertainment industry has quite an impact on young people in India. Just last year we saw Sriya Lenka creating her legacy by being the first K-pop idol from India and we all saw people go crazy over this news. Well, we now also have Aria joining the race as the 20 year old becomes the second K-pop idol from India. Gauthami aka Aria of X:IN found her interest in the Korean entertainment industry and did everything she could to make her dream come true. The whole country is proud as she officially joins this wave by joining a five member band named X:IN that made its debut this year with their first ever album, “Keeping the fire” which was released on 11th April. Aria joined GBK Entertainment and became their trainee on their online training platform with the name Ami.

She later changed her name to Aria when she was about to join the agency’s upcoming girl group called MEP-C but very recently she was revealed as the fifth member of the group X:IN. What has just added on to our excitement is the fact that Aria also became the first Indian ever to perform in the South Korean music program SBS Inkigayo as the band performs their debut song “Keeping the Fire”. 

Everything about this goes beyond just entertainment. For the younger generation in India, it is more than just about music. It is an initiative of a culture that promotes self-expression, diversity, and inclusivity. K-pop idols have become role models for many Indian youths who feel empowered by their message of self-love and acceptance. K-pop has also helped break down cultural barriers and has fostered a sense of global community among Indian youths who share a passion for the genre. The success story of Aria only lets us know how the craze of K-pop continues to gain traction in the country and it will be exciting to see how this genre will continue to inspire young people in the years to come.

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