Why are Iranian women cutting their hair?

The Internet is flooded with videos of Iranian women cutting their hair to show their anger amidst the protest.

The internet is flooded with videos of Iranian women cutting their hair amidst the ongoing tension in the country. The protests in the country are on rising due to the death of Mahsa Amini who was arrested by Gasht-e-Ershad and became a victim of moral policing. They are accused of beating Amini on her head with a baton and banging her head against their vehicle. The police denied the accusations and said she suffered “sudden heart failure”.

Under Iranian law, women must cover their heads and neck with a hijab. Women’s rights are governed by the Council of Guardians which consists of mostly men, who make people follow the law and rights in accordance with the Sharia. Iranian women are cutting their hair and burning their hijabs to show their anger towards the oppressive regime and they are shouting “death to the dictator” – a chant often used about the Supreme Leader along with the demand for, “justice and liberty”
The ongoing protest speaks stories of oppression and terror. When such protests happen, when women rise up, in most cases the intent is to take the space and speak their minds.

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