Why the “Akshay Kumar effect” is loosing its charm?

Akshay Kumar is known to be one of the most popular actors of Bollywood but for some reason, his movies are unable to perform well in theatres. Let’s deep dive and examine the possible reasons

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest film stars in Bollywood who was riding the highest wave of success in the last few years, but it seems like his era of giving back-to-back hits has come to an end. Akshay Kumar is now struggling at the box office as his films are not performing well. He has given 9 flop films in a row, and his latest release “Selfiee” has failed miserably at the box office. Now the situation is such that he is finding it difficult to get back on his position in the industry. In this story, we will look into all possible reasons for his declining graph on the screen. Here are all the possible points: 

Frequent Releases :-

Akshay Kumar releases back-to-back films at the box office, which is one of the reasons people are losing interest. While all the other actors are releasing two or three films in a year, he is releasing a film every other month, which makes people lose interest in his films. Anything excessive leads to losing interest, and it takes a long time to get back into the game again. So, we would like to recommend Akshay to work on good scripts rather than just doing films for making money out of it.

Frequent Releases

Hyper Nationalism :-

Akshay was the first one to start making films on hyper-nationalism, which led other actors to do the same. He made some patriotic films like Mission Mangal, Kesari, Baby, Bell Bottom, etc., while most of the films on the list worked very well at the box office. However, time is changing, and people want something different from him, and he is feeling it. The wave of nationalism is also declining in the film industry, so we will not see more juice coming out from this genre in the future, and he needs to find a new genre to cash on.

Hyper Nationalism

Political Whataboutery :-

Many actors keep themselves out of politics for well-known reasons, but Akshay himself indulged in politics after his famous interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this interview, he asked how Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” likes to have mangoes – whether he likes to suck it or cut it. Criticism from his fans and opposition parties followed this interview, and many people found his connections with the current ruling party, which led to a loss in fan base from the opposition, resulting in a loss in his box office collection. It is not going to stop anytime soon in the future. Many people also questioned his citizenship after his direct indulgence in Indian politics.

Political Whataboutery

Lack Of Versatility :-

There is no doubt that most of his films look similar in terms of story and his appearance on screen. People have questioned his seriousness when his film, Prithviraj, was released in cinemas. He seemed more like Bala from his film Housefull 4 than Prithviraj, which shows he is not serious about playing the characters and is only making money from his film projects. This leads to a lack of versatility. For any actor, having versatility is important and this also keeps the audience engaged. But if someone is not bringing anything new to the table, people will not buy it, no matter who you are. At the end of the day, the content is the real king. So, if he wants to fix this, he might do well at the box office sooner or later in the future.

Lack Of Versatility

Boycott Bollywood Trend :-

This trend has ended the careers of many big stars in the industry, whether it’s Arjun Kapoor or Varun Dhawan. People have now started to boycott films of certain actors and directors for various reasons, such as nepotism, religious sentiments, and politics, etc. Many actors are receiving hate just because they have some opinions about something or because they were born into a film star family. This trend has been making Bollywood suffer for a long time, which has also helped the South Indian film industry to make its place in the mainstream film industry.

Boycott Bollywood Trend

Akshay has paved the way by supporting some political leaders, making statements on nationalism, and creating opportunities to showcase himself. However, now it is backfiring on him and is leading him to flop films at the box office.

As the actor is looking back on his mistakes, we may see him make a surprising comeback in future. We have tried our best to capture the situation through this article. Let us know about your opinion on the same.

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