Weekly Wrap: Biggest pop-culture moments of the week! 

Let’s take a look back at the most notable moments of the week in the weekly wrap!

Barbie Introduced the first-ever doll with Down’s Syndrome

For a long time, Barbie dolls have faced criticism for setting up unrealistic beauty standards for young girls but over time Mattel has made an attempt to be more inclusive with their toys. Recently, Barbie introduced the first ever doll with Down’s Syndrome which is a move of Mattel’s 2023 Fashionistas line which aims to increase diversity and inclusiveness among its toys. The Barbie doll in discussion has been designed in collaboration with NDSS. The Barbie also has been dressed and styled to represent the people in the community as we see her ankle and foot orthotics and a three-chevron necklace, representing the three copies of the 21st chromosome associated with Down syndrome.

Amber Heard is officially returning as Mera in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” 

After the defamation trial with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, the chances of seeing Amber Heard making a return in the Aquaman Franchise were few. But it has been confirmed that she will be making a comeback as Mera in Warner Bros.’ Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Recently released trailer of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom showcased Heard’s Mera in two brief shots. 

Zendaya makes debut as Louis Vuitton Ambassador 

Zendaya has added a few more cool things in her expanding resume. The global star has  become the Louis Vuitton ambassador as she fronts the latest campaign for the Capucines bag. Zendaya added her charm to the beachside campaign that mixes modernity with an element of 60s futuristic glamor and we can’t ask for more. 

Warner Bros and HBO content will soon be available to stream on Reliance Jio Cinema 

A multi-year multi-million dollar content deal has been made by Viacom18 with Warner Bros Discovery, that will make JioCinema, the default destination for HBO, Max Original, and Warner Bros content in India. According to the sources, Viacom18 is paying about $20 million as the annual license fees to the Warner Bros.

Aryan Khan launched his second venture – A luxury streetwear brand, “D’Yavol”

Aryan Khan has recently launched a second edition of his already famous brand D’Yavol with a luxury streetwear brand, which is going to be a limited release. Aryan Khan is launching the collection along with Leti Blagoeva and Bunty Singh.

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