Social Media influencers, Soha Ali, Vidhya A. Thakkar, and Anushka Hazra shared their inspiration on women’s day.

On women’s day, we had a quick chat with Soha Ali, Vidhya A. Thakkar, and Anushka Hazra about their inspiration. Scroll down to read what they shared!

What motivates you? The question can make you wonder and the answer to it is very subjective. Different people can find their motivation in different places. What might feel empowering to you may not necessarily affect others. Some individuals may be motivated by external factors, such as rewards or recognition, while others may be more intrinsically motivated by the satisfaction of accomplishing a task or pursuing a passion. Factors such as personality traits, cultural background, and life experiences can also influence where people derive their motivation. Ultimately, finding and maintaining motivation is a unique and individualized process that requires self-awareness and a willingness to explore what drives and inspires oneself. It’s women’s day and we can all agree on one thing that can inspire us all when we see empowered women around.

Women who are strong, focused, confident, influential and passionate. For a very long time, we could only get inspired by a small number of people but with the boom of the internet and social media, we can connect better and listen to people to who we relate. This has also made people, especially women, open up about things. Bringing change is possible when we do it collectively and we cannot deny the role of social media in normalizing tough conversations. While we love influencers on social media for being vocal and motivating us, have you ever wondered what inspires them? We found it interesting and reached out to Soha Ali, a beauty influencer, Vidhya A.Thakkar, a book blogger, and Anushka Hazra who is a fashion influencer, and asked them the source of all their motivation. We got some really interesting responses.

Soha Ali

My take may seem a bit unconventional, but it’s quite close to my heart. Social media has a big influence on pop culture now, and it has given everyone something which was reserved for a small number of people before a popular space to express themselves and get an opportunity to be seen by everyone, especially through YouTube and Instagram. Being a female content creator, it’s nothing short of magical to see women from all kinds of backgrounds using social media not just as spectators, but fully participating and creating what they like and resonate with, while also earning from it and becoming self-dependent. They’re not just consuming pop culture but are influencing it and driving it on their own, and seeing other women who are “normal” doing well and being popular mini-celebs is pretty inspiring, especially for women from more conservative backgrounds. Every time a girl shows appreciation for what I do and asks for guidance from me, whether for content creation or for something as simple as makeup, I feel extremely happy knowing that I have that kind of positive influence, and it is very inspiring and encouraging.

Anushka Hazra 

One of my favorite fictional characters is Caroline Forbes from Vampire Diaries! Looking up to her journey and character evolution over the course of the show inspired me in more ways than one. The way she transformed from an insecure and moody teen to a kind, self-assured and optimistic woman has inspired me to try to become a better version of myself each day. I aspire to be as kind, confident, and empowered as her character. Loved the way she balanced her aspirations with her responsibilities and I aim to imbibe a similar approach toward my life and goals.

Vidhya A. Thakkar

Mythology has always been my favorite genre when it comes to books. On women’s day, I would like to share about the characters from Indian mythology and history that inspire me. Draupadi, Sita, Subhadra, Urmila, Parvati, Gauri, and Shanta are all powerful women from Indian mythology and history who always inspire me. Each of these women has a unique story and set of qualities that make them empowering figures for women.
Each of these women, with their unique qualities and stories, serves as an inspiration to women everywhere. Their strength, courage, determination, and resilience remind us of the power and potential within each of us. As we celebrate Women’s Day, we honor the legacy of these women and all the women who have come before us, paving the way for our own journeys of empowerment and self-discovery.

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